» Complete system technology perfectly matched to your needs «

BERTSCHfoodtec plans and develops complete plant solutions in highest quality that are optimally adapted to your operational and economic needs.

BERTSCHfoodtec – your partner for process plants

  • Cheese vats
  • Cheese processing plants
  • Cheese brine systems
  • Cheese storage / cheese maturing
  • Plants for small production facilities

Overall implementation and turnkey solutions

  • Dairy plants
  • Plants for food production
  • CIP cleaning system
  • Plants for energy optimization
  • Special production

Cheese processing plants

Precise and planned to the last detail.

To ensure that every cheese line or complete cheesery exactly meets the needs and market requirements, each machine is tailor-made. This provides the basis for the production of high quality products. Experienced cheese masters rely on the all-round service of BERTSCHfoodtec for plant and process planning, design of lines or entire plants, and also automation solutions.

All current references here as PDF download:

Production lines

  • Cheese vats in stainless steel / copper finish
  • Filling and pressing system
  • Cheese brine system
  • Plant for cheese cutting and packaging
  • Whey treatment system
  • Plant for heat recovery

Milk recetpion and milk treatment

  • Milk reception with quantity recording
  • Milk cooling
  • Sampling, milk analysis
  • Heating, filtration, standardisation, degassing
  • Hygienic valve and piping system
  • Processing and storage tanks


  • Hard / semi-hard cheese varieties
  • Mozzarella and pizza cheese
  • Soft cheese, curd cheese, quark
  • Cream cheese, blue cheese
  • Special products made from sheep and goat milk

Cheese processing plants

BERTSCHfoodtec offers needs-based solutions for the following areas:

  • Pressing system with automatic holding of  cheese blocks
  • Curd press filling for manual removal of the cheese
  • Pressing system for direct curd filling
  • Pressing system for alpine cheese, gruyere, emmentaler and other hard and semi-hard cheeses
  • Efficiency, economy and careful product handling characterize all solutions

Cheese vat

Universally applicable for many different cheese types.

The BERTSCH Universal Vat is a real all-rounder for the production of a wide variety of cheeses. Its excellent design and optimised process technology make it a top product and an important component in the production of first-class cheese.

The universal cheese vat is suitable for different filling volumes – find the data sheets as PDF download here:


High-quality and reliable components:

  • Tested and proven design (with constant technical development)
  • Entire construction made of stainless steel (except gearbox)
  • Gear chamber and whey suction drive are hermetically separated from product area
  • Double-O shaped with large surface area, resulting in low breakage of kernels
  • Heating with hot water and steam possible

Fast and efficient emptying:

  • Double cone with two outlets: fast, gentle, complete emptying
  • Outlet valves installed flush with the floor
  • Whey suction with generously dimensioned pneumatically operated basket or valves in the vat wall
  • Highest hygiene standard
  • Control concept adapted to customer’s specifications
Stirring and cutting system

Excellent stirring and cutting results:

  • Self-supporting agitators without bottom gearing
  • Electro-polished cutting and stirring units
  • Cutting knife made of special knife steel
  • Optimised stirring paddles for uniform vat flow
  • Homogeneous, even fracture grain distribution
Optimized process technology

  • Individual recipe control for automatic process flow
  • Optimum cheese development for constant and consistently high cheese quality
  • Remote monitoring with Ethernet
  • Jelly measurement / automatic determination of cutting time (optional)

Cheese brine systems and cheese handling

Increasing efficiency through intelligent technology.

Automation in perfection – the extension of the cheese line through the fully automated loading and unloading of brine cages. BERTSCHfoodtec ensures an optimal process flow with lower costs and significant time savings. And all of that with consistently gentle handling of products.

Sturdy design

  • Stainless steel construction in V4a
  • Highest quality components
  • Simple system design
  • Lowest maintenance costs
  • Full performance at all times
  • Combinable for different cheese formats

Constant quality

  • Consistent and gentle treatment of the cheese
  • Cheese handling under salt brine level
  • Automatic control system
  • Low personnel costs
  • Remote maintenance

Scope of supply

  • Manual and automatic cheese brine systems
  • Salt dissolution stations
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Brine cooler
  • Brine buffer tank
  • Brine cages
  • Filtration equipment

Further plants

  • Brine cage cleaning system
  • Cranes
  • Cheese shelves
  • Equipment for cheese care
  • Cheese cutting machine
  • Cheese packaging lines
  • Cooling and ripening room equipment

Cheese plants for small-scale productions

Technology carriers and plant engineers.

As a supplier of complete systems and production lines, our product range includes all the components needed to develop customer-specific solutions. For small-scale production, this is precisely one of the decisive criteria for cost-effective production.

Range of service

  • Consultation and concept development
  • Process, procedure and layout planning
  • Delivery and assembly of state of the art components
  • Needs-based automation solution
  • Installation and commissioning by specialists
  • Service and spare parts service
  • 24h Service-hotline, emergency number

Process solutions

Process solution for:

  • Hard, semi-hard and soft cheese
  • Cream cheese, curd cheese, quark
  • Mozzarella, pizza cheese
  • Yoghurt and soured milk products
  • Milk and milkshakes
  • Cream and butter
  • Special milk and whey products
  • Farm dairies

Dairy plants

Perfect plants for the highest pleasure experience.

As a sensitive natural product, milk places highest demands on hygiene and product friendly processing. Only modern, process optimized and tailor-made systems can show their full potential in the production of high-quality dairy products. Exactly to your requirements tailored solutions, ensure a gentle and economical production.

Process solutions

Process solutions for:

  • Milk reception, degassing, quantification
  • Sampling, milk analysis
  • Heat treatment, standardisation, homogenisation, degassing
  • Filtration applications (UO/NF/UF/MF)
  • Mixing system
  • Hygienic valve and piping system
  • Processing and storage tanks

  • Tailor-made control concepts
  • Clear, straight forward visualisation
  • Detailed logging of process steps
  • Integration into existing control systems
  • Remote maintenance via modem or VPN-access


  • Milk pasteurised
  • ESl / UHT products
  • Milkshakes
  • Yoghurt, soured milk products
  • Cream, butter, curd cheese, quark
  • Whey products
  • Desserts

CIP cleaning system

Tradition, Quality, Know-how. Since 1925.

Modern production systems with complex piping place high demands on CIP. At BERTSCHfoodtec, we design and build tailored cleaning systems in all areas of application. The CIP cleaning system is an essential part of the production line and ensures optimum system availability and cost-effectiveness.

High-quality components

  • Stainless-steel construction
  • Proven valve technology for the highest level of safety
  • Automatic dosing of the cleaner
  • Heating of the cleaning solution by means of tubular heat exchangers
  • Cylindrical or cubic tank design
  • High-end measurement and control technology
  • Worldwide tried and tested systems

Customized automation

  • Freely programmable Siemens SPS control
  • Easy to use visualisation
  • General overview of the process flow
  • Constant cleaning process control
  • Monitoring of CIP supply and return
  • Logging of process steps
  • Archiving of process data
  • Remote maintenance via modem or VPN-access