»The best raw materials and the most modern technology for delicious products«

Only when everything is right, top end products are ensured, thus promising more profit. This is why we develop and provide well considered solutions for our customers for the production of sausage, delicacies and semi-finished products, which meet the market’s toughest demands.

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Production lines for highest demands
  • Know-how at every level for efficient production lines
  • International standards
  • Cooperation with leading manufacturers
  • Comprehensive range of machines
  • Carefully selected components
  • Guarantor for high quality end products

Sausage production

Tradition, Quality, Know-how. Since 1925.

The basis for great products are high quality raw materials, the most modern technology from leading manufacturers combined with decades of experience. With our innovative, customer-specific production lines, we constantly set new quality standards in the market.

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Frozen meat cutter

If deep-frozen blocks of meat are to be processed by cutters or mincers, then frozen meat cutters are required to cut the blocks into suitable sizes. The temperature of the frozen blocks can range from –5°C to –25°C. Two technologies have proven successful here and we include them both in our product range. The frozen meat cutter as a guillotine or roller cutter. All of these units feature a solid, robust and, above all safe, construction, with maximum cutting capacity.

Impressive technology

  • Frozen meat cutters protect the meat
  • Robust machine design
  • Drive parts in closed housing providing perfect protection from soiling,
  • Low energy consumption for high performance

Mincers (130 – 400 mm diameter of perforated disc) are perfect tools to coarsely or finely chop meat and to create high-quality fish products, soups and sauces, cheese, fruit and vegetable products, confectionery and much more. An excellent cutting pattern is as impressive as the robust, low maintenance construction and its excellent cost-effectiveness. Our range of machines: Mincers, angled mincers, also for blocks, mixing mincers, frozen meat mincers, mincers with frozen meat cutters, angled mixing mincers.

Benefits when producing high-quality products

  • Automatic control of the screw feeder
  • Low wear of the cutter insert
  • Robust controls
  • Product temperatures as low as -18°C
  • Best cutting effect via special cutter insert
  • Minimum maintenance


The proven cutter technology is the result of many years of practical experience and continuous improvements. The innovative AC drive technology is the basis for all versions of the technology, combined with extremely solid construction. This means that cutters are suitable both for small as well as large amounts of processing, while at the same time having minimal maintenance costs and low energy consumption. Both fresh meat as well as pre-cut frozen meat can thus be perfectly processed and can also produce rind emulsions.

For individual requirements

  • Vacuum version
  • Cooling system
  • Cooking function
  • Automatic lubricator
  • Production management system (automatic working procedure and data recording)
  • Bowl capacity suitable for every size of operation from 65 to 750 litres.

For universal use

  • Short batch time thanks to high cutting speed of up to 160 m / s
  • Fine emulsion due due to 360° cutting effect
  • Low gap of 0.8 – 1.3 mm >between blade and bowl for improved fineness
  • Switching cabinet with newly designed filter system, which protects against dust, moisture and steam
  • Vibration-free blade shaft and rotating bowl for a longer machine service life
  • Highest efficiency and low energy costs thanks to built-in AC drive technology
  • Straightforward operating concept for optimal and transparent work
Mixing machines

The mixing machines provided by BERTSCHlaska (from 130 – 6,000 litres) are very popular due to their ideal mixing effect and universal application in numerous sectors. They are used in the production of meat products such as minced meat and hamburgers, kebabs and pasties as well as in the production of meat substitutes (veggie food), confectionery, cheese, and the production of both yeast and animal foods.

For universal use

  • Ensures even and intensive mixing
  • With a tilting container or front emptying
  • Interlocking mixer shafts
  • Many variants e.g. with vacuum version, cooking and cooling systems, water-dosing or mixing-process controls

The emulsifiers (175 – 225 mm perforated disc diameter), also called NanoCutters, were developed for the production of the finest pre-cooked and cooked sausages. By using different perforated discs, the fineness of the sausage meat can be set exactly. This enables the highest quality both when very finely cut as well aswhen coarsely grained. The emulsifiers has user-friendly controls such as a swivelling touchscreen. All of the drive parts are within the machine housing and are ideally protected from soiling. In case of a faulty product, the machine will automatically switch itself off to protect the cutter insert.

Ice generator

Ice flakes have always been associated with meat processing and cooling and are a decisive quality factor, both when making sausages, as well as when transporting, storing and selling them. We offer our customers tailor-made solutions with an automatic weighing system, which eliminates the need to manually weigh ice flakes.

Vacuum filling machine

Our continuous vacuum filling machines are renowned for their high quality. They are suitable for use in both small and industrial operations as well as for all applications: as a sausage meat pump, as a portioning unit in connection with a clipper, or to automatically twist off all types of intestine. In the raw sausage area, the vacuum filling machine with a mincing system ensures that the cutting pattern is outstanding. Its touchscreen ensures that it is easy to use, guaranteeing consistent product quality.

Benefits when producing high-quality products

  • Capacity of up to 13,000 kg / h
  • Up to 1,200 portions / min
  • Maximum portioning accuracy
  • Flexible range of add-ons in combination with various clipping machines
  • High hygiene standards and easy to clean

Clipping machines

The flexible clipping machines are an ideal addition to our filling machines. Our broad product spectrum ranges from simple tabletop clippers for small series through to powerful semi- and fully automatic clipping machines for industrial production.

Clipping machines – precise and quick

  • For all kind of natural, artificial, cellulose and collagen casings
  • Suitable for single sausages, sausage chains and ring-shaped sausages

Calibration system and sausage line

With this solution, both artificial and natural types of casing can be exactly calibrated. They can easily be integrated into all of a business unit’s processes. Exact calibration means that exact lengths and the most precise weights are possible.

Delicacies production

Tradition, Quality, Know-how. Since 1925.

The basis for great products are high quality raw materials, the most modern technology from leading manufacturers combined with decades of experience. With our innovative, customer-specific production lines, we constantly set new quality standards in the market.

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BERTSCHlaska offers a range of injectors which matches the customers’ production conditions for brine injections, refining, improving the taste and preserving ham products. Various additional equipment such as brine filter systems, brine preparation systems and feed systems round off the extensive portfolio of machines.

Injectors for outstanding quality delicacies

  • For fresh meat, with and without bones, poultry and fish
  • Depending upon the product, capacities up to 11,500 kg / h and injection rates up to 120 %
  • Belt widths from 250 to 800 mm
  • Cooled and uncooled brine circuit
  • Single-head and dual-head machines
  • Single, double or quadruple needles

Massaging technology

Modern massaging technology ensures the maximum yield in production via improved brine retention. Protein is efficiently broken down and the outstanding quality associated with that can only be achieved by an intense massaging effect in as short a time as possible. Differing baffles e.g. gentle baffles for delicate products ensure that valuable raw materials are processed in the proper way.

Massage systems for optimal yield

  • Von from 50 to 12,000 litre capacity
  • Uncooled and cooled, horizontal and tilting
  • Machines with friction-wheel drive or direct drive
  • Feeding with a lift, vacuum suction, conveyor belt or manually
  • Operated manually or using touch control
  • Also available as thawing system / defroster

Semi-Finished Products

Precise portioning with a minimum of product residues

Innovative technologies enable precise and remainder-optimised portioning for various types of products in the meat processing industry. Simple handling, optimised working processes and low maintenance machines ensure high costeffectiveness with improved product quality.

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Minced meat production

The modular mincing heads can take very different types of cutter inserts. The final perforated disc in the mincer is individually and exactly matched to the shape and size of the product. The width of the product can range from 60 to 220 mm with various end grains. There is an option to insert a special final perforated disc to dispense, for example, portions of skinless cevapi sausage onto paper.

There are many advantages for industrial production

  • Exact portioning
  • Individually adjustable portion sizes
  • Lines can be connected quickly and easily
  • Perfect end product with high cost-effectiveness

Hamburger portioning machine

The hamburger portioning machine is the perfect solution to shape round, oval or angular hamburgers. It is easy and uncomplicated to attach to the vacuum filling machine, and is also controlled from that. The filling machine dispenses the correct amount into the form and it is then pushed horizontally by the pneumatic cylinderto be ejected.

Cutting technology

For gram-specific piece and package weights. Our extensive production range offers semi-automatic and fully automatic multipurpose cutters. Very tough sets of stainless steel cutters with automatically operating lateral blades eliminate the need for time-consuming preliminary cutting, and at the same time offer the option of an automatic feed. The cut items are transportedaway via large output channels made of stainless steel and guarantee high hygienic standards. High-quality computer control ensures reliable operation. The ability to remove the cutters without the use of tools, selectable reduction of the remainder amount, and a special cleaning mode all ensure minimum cleaning effort and perfect hygiene.


  • Automated production of packages for self-service shelves in supermarkets
  • Slices, cubes, strips of meat with or without bones
  • Visually perfect cut faces
  • Minimisation of edge pieces for the last cut

Production lines

Standardisation of raw materials and production processes.

The cost of production has to be reduced without having a negative impact on the general quality of the end product. Our extensive range of machines consisting of mincers, cutters, mixing machines and emulsifiers forms the basis of efficient production lines. A wide range of transport systems is required to turn a collection of standalone solutions into a functional production line. Specific components such as control stations which can display the processes as well as safety solutions are then needed to round off your production line. Depending upon the requirements, an online analysis system can also be installed, to record data for quality assurance.

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Market relevant advantages

Market relevant advantages

  • Standardisation of raw materials
  • Optimised production flow
  • Extended shelf life of products by gentle product handling, complete unloading, hygiene
  • Kostenreduktion durch Rohstoffkorrektur
  • Reduction of personnel costs
  • Near-infrared (NIR) analysis systems measure the levels of fat and protein
  • Integrated metall detectors
  • Straightforward control and easy handling
  • Traceability of the goods 

Thermal processing

Individual adaption of the line for your need and requirements.

BERTSCHlaska offers everything required for professional cooking, frying, reddening, drying, hot smoking, cold smoking and cooling. All of the machines are matched to individual customers’ needs and requirements and represent the perfect tools of the trade to make first-class products.

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Smoking and cooking systems

Smoking and cooking systems are real all-rounders for the high quality production of meat, poultry, fish and cheese products such as cooked sausages, cooked ham and fish fillets. Our customers have the choice between electric-, oil-, steam- and gas-heated smoking and cooking systems, which we can deliver in single- or dual-row versions or even in a tunnel version, made completely from stainless steel. The robust design, combined with the most modern technology, ensures low energy consumption and minimum maintenance costs.

Flexible use for optimal result

  • Closed or semi-open smoking system
  • Hermetic hot smoking system for environmentally friendly, energy-saving production
  • Every trolley has its unit own air convection system with an adapted multilevel circulation speed
  • Self-locking door lifting hinges made of stainless steel
  • Seamlessly welded solid base for system
Continuous systems

Our continuous smoking and intensive refrigeration systems ensure fully automatic and highly rationalised production. They are designed to be suitable for large production batches and require little space. The most modern technology ensures compliance with even the strictest hygiene regulations.The systems are divided into two sections and are separated by pneumatic and double-insulated lifting doors. The system has its own transport system for floor-running trolleys or frames, ensuring optimal working conditions,as it is no longer necessary to manually transport the trolleys into and out of the chambers. This also enables operation at night without any operating staff thanks to the processes running fully automatically with state-of-the-art control systems with online access and recording systems.

Smoking generators

The various smoke generators and systems impress with their enormous flexibility during the smoking process and the production of a wide range of smoked goods. Their robust construction ensures that they can operate smoothly for many years with low maintenance costs..

Types of smoke generation

  • Smoulder smoke generator
  • Friction smoke generator
  • Wood chip smoke generator
  • Steam smoke generator
  • Liquid smoke generator

Control technology

Depending upon the individual requirements, various control systems are available – large colour LCD controls as well as touchscreen panels for freely programmable functions. Our control technology has a convenient quality management system with production monitoring. The architecture of the software has been tailored for practical, everyday work.

Raw sausage and raw ham systems

Modern technology guarantees perfect end products.

The maturing process for delicate raw goods places the highest requirements on the system’s electrical, air and control technology. State-of-the-art plant technology and an exact layout, matched to the customer’s individual requirements and to the size of their operation, guarantees end products with an impressive colour, taste and aroma.

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Initial maturing systems

Our modern initial maturing systems provide optimal conditions for initial maturing, maturing, drying, quick drying, sweating, cold smoking and storage, over a temperature range from +12°C to +28°C. For special product requirements, however, it is also possible to operate at a lower or higher temperature range.

Final maturing systems

The ultimate quality is produced in the final maturing systems. These generally operate over a temperature range from +10°C to +18°C. For special product requirements, however, it is also possible to operate at a lower or higher temperature range. Thanks to their flexible design, final maturing systems can also be installed in existing rooms. The air is prepared in an external mixer housing and is fed in via specially made channels. Such systems can also be used to store and keep the finished products.

Smoke generators

Matched to the systems. Our cold smoking and initial maturing systems can be equipped with all common smoking systems such as friction smoke generators, smoulder smoke generators, steam smoke generators and liquid smoke generators. All of the smoke generators comply with the specified environmental regulations and hygiene standards.