»Our know-how ensures impressive quality«

As a specialist for customised, complete abattoir system solutions, including the processing of by-products, cutting systems, logistics and refrigeration, BERTSCHlaska has made a name for itself around the world. Our customers particularly value our first-class technology, combined with decades of experience in international markets.

BERTSCHlaska – Your partner for slaughtering and cutting systems
  • Slaughtering systems for cattle, pigs and sheep – single or combined lines
  • High effective cutting systems
  • Perfect exploitation of by-products
  • Tubular track technology for optimised meat transportation
  • Thawing systems providing efficient further processing
Solutions for every challenge
  • Planning and implementation for mono or combined abattoir lines
  • Tailor-made systems meet international standards
  • Resource-saving system design der Anlagen
  • State-of-the-art, energy-efficient technology
  • Efficient processe flow


Optimal dimensioning of systems for a smooth production performance.

Especially in an abattoir, safety, ergonomics, efficiency and of course hygiene all play a decisive role. Innovative and proven technology from BERTSCHlaska ensures all of the working procedures in every slaughter-line and significantly improves efficiency. All of our abattoir solutions are precisely adapted to meet our customers’ needs and the requirements of the respective market..

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Slaughter capacities
  • Pigs – 20 to 300 pre hour
  • Cattle – 3 to 80 per hour
  • Sheep – 5 to 300 per hour
  • Combined lines – up to 80 cattle or up to 300 pigs per hour
Professional support

In the extensive range of machines and systems from BERTSCHlaska, we provide all of the machines and equipment to professionally support all slaughtering processes and make everyday work easier. High quality, high availability, long service life, ergonomic design and ease of use all characterise the wide range of products.

  • Stunning systems
  • Horn and leg cutters
  • Splitting saws
  • Spinal marrow extraction systems
  • Brisket saws
  • Tubular track hooks

Cutting systems

Precise, professional and hygienic cutting systems.

BERTSCHlaska offers its customers complete lines which allow for precise, technically correct and hygienic cutting systems of the carcass in suitable portions for consumers and in primal cuts. The customers themselves determine the degree of automation in each case. Our specialists ensure smooth operation of all steps in the process, including a well considered hygiene and logistics concept, to produce products which are always fresh and have maximum storage life.

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Maximum profitability in best quality

Maximum profitability in best quality:

  • Rotary blade saws, bandsaws, breaking saws
  • De-rinding and de-hiding machines
  • Machines for breaking and de-sinewing
  • Hand knives and various tools

Tubular track technology

Manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic loading and unloading of cold-storage rooms.

So that the cut-up carcasses can be transported without delay and with minimum effort into the refrigerated rooms, a carefully conceived tubular track concept is required. For this, we plan and build tubular track systems to your requirements to transport cut-up carcasses manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically to and from refrigerated storage rooms, which feature state-of-the-art technology.

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Characteristics of tubular track

Characteristics of tubular track systems

  • Solid construction using hot-dipped galvanised steel
  • Cost-effective use of the refrigerated areas
  • Manual or fully automatic conveyor systems
  • Hook return systems
  • Plastic insert for convenient transport
  • Quick loading and unloading of trucks

Thawing systems

Special processes guaranties an even, hygienic product thawing.

For the reliable and modern technology for our thawing systems, we rely on our specialist partner of many years, providing first-class technology and constant innovations around the world. For the quick and efficient but careful thawing of beef and pork halves as well as mutton carcasses and blocks of meat, we use a special process with a high humidity. This guarantees an even, hygienic thawing with only minimal losses, exactly as required for furtherProcessing.

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Proven technology for the highest quality

Proven technology for the highest quality

  • Reduces storage areas
  • Shorter process times
  • More even thawing process
  • Highest care when treating products
  • Bacteriological safety
  • Energy savings due to the most modern thawing process