»Efficiently produced and impressively presented«

Freshness, hygiene and functioning logistics for storage and transport are essential in the food industry. Packaging is a decisive component to protect high-quality products, to preserve them and to present them attractively. Aside from quality assurance, however, the maximisation of profitability is decisive.

Modern packaging and logistics systems
  • Large range of individual, tailor-made solutions for a range of production areas and company sizes
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructure and systems
  • Easy to operate
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and transport systems, robust design in stainless steel
  • Optimal hygiene, easy cleaning and maintenance
Most reliable production
  • Room cooling matched to the technological requirements in
    all deep freeze rooms, cooling rooms and air conditioned working rooms in the
  • Operational and personal hygiene at the highest level
  • Highest product quality through the use of selected consumable materials
  • High-value tool processing systems guarantee perfect workingprocedures in production


Modern vacuum packing technology for all product areas.

BERTSCHlaska supplies systems with the most modern vacuum packing technology for all product areas and for many sizes of machine and packaging solutions. All of our packaging machines benefit from a mature control and monitoring system and comply with all hygiene guidelines.

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Vacuum chamber machines

Through the shrinking procedure, the appearance of the cut faces of your product and the structure of its surface are improved. In the vacuum packaging process, products are packed in ready-made vacuum bags. Then the air is sucked out and the bag is welded shut. In this way, both liquid and solid products can be packed. As the vacuum level to be reached can be calibrated, this process is ideal for finished products such as primal cuts, ham, bacon, cheese and much more. Our machines with a chamber are able to package several products, with differing bag sizes, at the same time. Ourproduct palette of machines ranges from small tabletop models, to automatic belt machines and full shrinking lines with driers.

Benefits of chamber machines

  • Maximum flexibility for the package size
  • Vacuum, shrink bags and MAP packaging
  • High performance requiring little space
Tray sealing machines

With our tray sealing machines, products such as minced meat or convenience foods are put into ready-shaped trays and are then sealed under a film with an inert gas. This thus ensures packaging that is appropriate for the portion with a long shelf life and attractive presentation of the product for the customers. We can offer this type of machine as a semi-automatic or fully automatic packagingmachine, and it is suitable for the smallest quantities right up to quantities processed in multiple-shift operations. As required, fully automatic machines can be integrated into fresh meat portioning lines.

Benefits of tray sealers

  • For different ready-made trays and films
  • Vakuum-, MAP- and skin packaging
  • Easy to use under programme control
  • Packaging with better appearance

  • Coming soon
Deep-draw vacuum packaging machines

Our deep-draw vacuum packaging machines are used when the packaging of large quantities of products of almost identical size and shape is required. The packaging consists of an upper and a lower film. The lower film is first shaped in the machine. This results in particularly low costs for packaging materials and logistics. Films with different thicknesses and properties can be used. Flexible trays with a stable shape can be produced.span>

Benefits of skin packaging

  • Extended shelf life
  • Products do not lose any moisture
  • Protection of the packaged product
  • The products cannot slip or collapse
  • Attractive product
  • Clear films show
Flow pack machines

Flow pack packaging mainly serves to protect products from being touched. The film is put around the product and the lengthwise seam is welded before and after the product. Also perforations or Euro-holes can be punched into the film, so that the products can be better presented for sale. This kind of packaging is mainly used for smoked goods, as the packaging is not required to make a contribution to the product’s shelf life.


Our slicers are used wherever there is a need to perfectly cut sausage, ham or cheese. It can cut all shapes, such as pieces, slices and much more. The slicer automatically goes through all of the steps in the procedure – from loading, cutting, portioning weighing through to depositing in the packaging machine. Operation is very simple too. When the type of product is changed, all of the productspecific parts can be changed without the need for tools.

Warehouse logistics

Extensive selection of manual and automatic warehousing systems.

Modern warehouse logistics makes an essential contribution to a company’s profitability. It ensures that stock levels are optimised, cycle times are short and that there is plenty of flexibility within production as well as increasing capacity in the dispatch department. Manual and automatic warehousing systems are gaining in importance in small and medium-sized production enterprises. BERTSCHlaska offers an extensive selection of suitable solutions.

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Transport systems

For many years now, our modern transport systems for empty boxes, full boxes, cartons and even pallets have been making daily work significantly easier in our customers’ logistical processes. Direct transport routes ensure short delays and save valuable working time.

Benefits of our transport systems

  • High performance and fully automatic transport
  • Use of automatic conveyor sections with large differences in level
  • Transport with minimal personnnel requirements
  • Space-saving via wall or ceiling mounting
  • Can be integrated into existing production set-ups

Input checking and data recording systems

Easy data recording is the foundation of automatic and, above all, efficient processing. At the ‘I point’ data recording terminal, all of the relevant data such as date, product, weight, item number, batch, weighing ID etc. is saved for individual containers, cartons, trolleys or even entire pallets.

Full systematic checking

  • Consistent checking of goods with minimum effort
  • Automatic copying of container data into stock records
  • User-friendly, transparent software solutions
Warehouse technology

For the right warehouse technology, we rely on the use of semi-automatic or fully automatic , combined- or singlelocation warehousing systems. Modern warehouse logistics provides maximum exploitation of capacity in the minimum space, extensive checks without high staff costs, easy implementation of the FIFO(first in first out) and ‘goods to the person’ principles by automatic warehouse handling and savings on personnel. These systems can be used large product ranges and small quantities. Single storage locations are ideal for use of whole pallets and have highest availability of storage loacations via access to each individual container.

Commissioning and goods supply

Customer-specific picking of partial and full quantities in combination with rack systems has been well proven for years. At ‘K points’, which consist of mobile control panels with scales, a PC and a printer, the items for particular orders are picked and released to the delivery area.

h3>Indispensable in logistics: K-points

  • Easy, flexible and effective order fulfilment
  • Fully automatic communication between pickers and sorters reliably enables a delivery tour to be put together automatically

Empty container systems

Buffer systems enable different types of container to be flexibly put into and taken out of storage after the washing process. Fully automatic stacking and de-stacking systems ensure the best use of space without the need for personnel.

Effective empty container systems

  • Conforms to the ‘goods to the person’ principle
  • Avoids bottlenecks in the supply of empty containers
  • Can be integrated into existing production set-ups

Refrigeration technology

Professional refrigeration ensures high product standards

For an uninterrupted cooling chain over the entire supply chain, professional refrigeration is a decisive criterion in ensuring quality within food production. Energy costs and safe dimensioning play an important role in this.

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Refrigeration technology for special equipment

Our product spectrum encompasses central refrigeration systems to supply cooling rooms and deep freeze rooms, flash freezers and working rooms in the whole company. We also plan and implement deep freeze systems with primary refrigerants, either using ammonia NH³, CO² or Freon, and systems to cool working rooms and cooling rooms with a glycol-water mixture as a secondary coolant.

Refrigeration technology for whole plants

In addition to operating refrigeration technology, we offer innovative refrigeration systems to supply individual air conditioned maturing systems, intensive refrigeration systems, and plate and spiral freezers with varying refrigerants. These are available as stand-alone units or as connected, multiple units. In combination with our operating refrigeration systems, the reliability of the processes using the systems is ensured.

Flash freezers

These are used to flash freeze meat and other food products at temperatures between –30° and –40°C.


  • Vertical as well as horizontal plate freezers to freeze sausagemeat, offal, spiral freezers to freeze finished products
  • Room freezers to flash freeze half carcasses or blocks of meat.


Quality assurance trough specially designed hygiene locks.

Reliable operational hygiene is absolutely vital in the food processing industry. When planning operational hygiene concepts, all areas of a production facility must be considered in detail. Consistently maintaining separation between working and social areas is also important. Assistance is provided by specially designed hygiene locks which protect access to sensitive areas. This simple and cost-effective measure provides an effective contribution to quality assurance.

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Personnel and tool hygiene

Personal hygiene starts with professional hand cleaning via automatic application of soap and washing under running water, drying and disinfecting, plus thorough cleaning of soles, boots, aprons and gloves with disinfectant. This can be done in individual steps or in an uninterrupted process within a system, with optional access control and compelling staff to take the route through the hygiene lock. Each hygiene lock is made up of standard parts and is modified for individual requirements. Universal dispensers for single-use hygiene articles such as hairnets, gloves and face masks are indispensable in the food processing industry.

Perfect hygiene secures success

  • Standard series or custom solutions
  • Completely made to measure and matched to the company’s set-up
  • Can be integrated into existing infrastructure and systems
  • Consultation and implementation of hygiene concepts
  • State-of-the-art technology

Automatic washing systems

Reliable cleaning of containers and supply trolleys is also playing an important part of a hygiene concept. We offer an extensive range of products for this purpose.

Cleaning of containers

  • Continuous washing machines for Euro-containers and other containers with a capacity of 250–2,000 boxes
  • Available as a compact system or in a tunnel version with up to two tracks
  • Universal washing systems for 200 / 300 litre lifting and supply
Low-pressure cleaning systems

Low-pressure systems are used when disinfecting and removing grease, remains of proteins, and coatings. They reliably help to prevent the formation of biofilms. In contrast to high-pressure cleaners, in combination with the correct temperature, the correct quantity of water and the correct chemicals, low-pressure cleaners prevent the spread of aerosols containing particles of dirt and bacteria. Our extensive portfolio includes several main stations, automatic satellites, pumping stations and mobile cleaning units.

Consumables materials and accessories

Use of original parts avoid cost-consuming downtimes.

Only with the right accessories customers can exploit the full potential of their machines and systems for professional processing of best quality products in series production. To guarantee this quality, the use of original parts is just as significant. These make an essential contribution to reliable production and offer protection from expensive downtimes.

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Available range

Available range

  • Precision grinding machines
  • Chain mail aprons and gloves
  • Working clothes and disposable clothing
  • Shoes and aprons
  • Sharpening tools
  • Smoking trolleys and smoking rods
  • Tables in many varieties
  • Vacuum bags and films
  • Wood chips and friction smoke blocks
  • Spare parts