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BERTSCHenergy are one of the leading companies in international power plant engineering and construction. In addition, we offer a wide variety of waste heat recovery systems and equipment for the chemical and petrochemical industries.

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Tradition, Quality, Know-how. Since 1925.

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Tradition, Quality, Know-how. Since 1925.






All current reference projects as PDF download.

Here you can download our current references in PDF format.
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Solid-flue-fired power plants

Reference sheets
Terms and conditions
Reference sheets

CCPP and direct fired power plants

Combined cycle power plant, Frohnleiten / Austria

Combined Cycle Solution in Chemical park Marl, Germany

Combined Cycle Solution

Sugar refinery Nigeria

Industrial park Höchst

Refinery plant in Niedersachsen

KVA Bern Forsthaus

UPM Schongau

DS Smith Paper Aschaffenburg

Refinery plant Sindelfingen

Reference sheets

Industrial heat recovery

Waste heat recovery boiler downstream fluidized bed furnace Corlu

Waste heat processing plant Rheinfelden

Reference sheets

Solid-fuel-fired power plants

Biomass thermal power plant Schweighofer, Romania

Biomass thermal power plant in Sisseln, CH

Biomass thermal power plant Kronospan I, Luxembourg

Biomass thermal power plant Elsflether Bioenergie GmbH, Germany

Biomass thermal power plant Kronospan II, Luxembourg

Biomass thermal power plant PAULS, Belgium

Wood-fired thermal power plant Aubrugg

Biomass thermal power plant Siat Braun

Biomass CHP Bern

Reference sheets


Power plant Aubrugg, Switzerland
Optimisation of plant operation

Kelheim, Germany
Modification of boiler

Reference sheets

Process equipment

Adsober for natural gas storage

Reactors for processing petroleum

Columns for Polysilicon production

Feeder vessels for coal liquefaction plants

Reference sheets

Process heat recovery systems

Process gas cooler in ammonia plant

Complete process gas cooler system for sulfuric acid production plant

Retrofit E350001 Claus-plant 2

Heat Recovery Plant for Hydrogen Production

Equipment for steam reforming based processes

Boiler feed water (BFW) preheater in ammonia production

Waste heat boiler (E-1014) and BFW preheater (E-1003)

Process gas cooler E-102 and steam superheater E-117

Sulfur furnace and boiler system for sulfuric acid plant

Express Engineering and manufacturing services

Process gas cooler and convection bank for Ammonia production

Special process gas cooler systems

Heat recovery plant for Hydrogen production

Process heat recovery system for sulfuric acid production